Tulip flowers have such a gorgeous rounded form and the way to achieve that 3D look when painting is to focus on the tonal values as you layer – which is just what I show you in this little video:

I hope this fires you up to have a go at painting a Tulip so it pops off the paper!

If you’ve enjoyed the video, please leave me a comment, I love reading them.


Happy painting,

  1. Janet Towell 4 years ago

    The tulip is beautiful and the detail is amazing! Your techniques are so helpful for understanding values and how to paint with details. I have learned so much from your online videos and from your book, Anna Mason’s Watercolor World. Thank you!!! I can’t wait to try this one! ❤️❤️

  2. Yvonne Lilley 4 years ago

    Hi Anna, I love your paintings and your style, however I learnt botanical art in the wet in wet way and I find this really difficult to get out of even though I have tried. Your colours are brilliant and I love them. Tulips and daffodils are my favourite flowers.

  3. Ann Howarth 4 years ago


  4. Maria Ei Zar 4 years ago

    Thanks so much Teacher Anna. It’s lovely of my favorite drawing style and helpful me up.

  5. Liz 4 years ago

    I would enjoy taking one of your classes. I want to point out a detail:. I wish I could see the whole screen of your demonstration; the way that the page is framed makes it impossible to see the whole film itself. It is necessary constantly to scroll up and down a little to see what is going on.

    • Alegria 4 years ago

      Hi Liz. You just need to click the frame on the lower right corner of the video and it will open out in “full screen” mode so there won’t be parts of the video frame hidden under the website header. Hope this helps 🙂

  6. Hilda Barone 4 years ago

    Thoroughly enjoyed watching you paint the beautiful tulips. Thank you so much Anna

  7. Sue power 4 years ago

    Thank You Anna so enjoyed the video and I’ll try and have a go at it

  8. Joan 4 years ago


  9. Edith Lassonde 4 years ago

    Wonderful instruction! You make it look so simple

  10. Kathie 4 years ago

    Unfortunately I was not able to hear what you were saying over the music. 🙁

  11. Learner 4 years ago

    Excellent video. Thank you, Anna! Your beautiful tulip looks better than the one on the photo. And you look very pretty in your yellow top. – Spring is here. Inspired to paint some tulips now. 😉 Hugs!

  12. Ruth Cockrell 4 years ago

    Tx Anna for the wonderful lesson. I really enjoyed it and will try the tulip over the weekend.
    I’m a self-taught botanical artist (after been painting in oil for a couple of years), as painting flowers is my passion.
    I’ve tried various videos and lessons from other artists but I keep on going back to your style.
    I’ve been hesitating to join your online school but after this lesson, will definitely join to get a full class.

    • Author
      Anna Mason 4 years ago

      Aww thanks Ruth, I’m sure you won’t be disappointed – the School is a really fun community as well as having over 65 full length classes to get your teeth into!

  13. jennifer 4 years ago

    Thank you Anna. I love your tutorials – they are so clear and easy to follow.
    Shall certainly have a go at the tulip. Its good to see that you havn’t used “wet on wet” method for this. I find it so difficult to get right.

  14. Peppino Vasile 4 years ago

    Ciao prof. Anna,

    Congratulazioni per i suoi bellissimi dipinti.
    Comprerei il suo corso di pittura ad acquerello, il cui costo non mi sembra nemmeno alto.
    Sfortunatamente non sono in grado di capire l’inglese e quindi non ho potuto apprezzare le sue bellissime spiegazioni verbali.
    I sottotitoli purtroppo non sono in grado di spiegare come invece fa molto professionalmente lei.
    Sono davvero dispiaciuto perché mi sarebbe piaciuto moltissimo. Sarei già abbastanza soddisfatto se solo riuscissi ad apprendere la centesima parte di ciò che lei fa molto bene.
    Auguri d’ogni bene e la saluto e la ringrazio.

  15. Ewa 4 years ago

    Piękne demo! dziękuję! Pozdrawiam!

  16. peppino vasile 4 years ago

    ah dimenticavo auguri per oggi 8 marzo festa di tutte voi donne

  17. Maxine Walburn 4 years ago

    Thank you Anna, it is a joy to watch and learn from your videos. I am a carer 24/7 so it is a problem find ME time. I am working on it. When I find myself free for good I know I can put all my knowledge to good use and join you. In the mean time I shall enjoy the tulips and daffs out knowing that I can one day paint them. Thank again. Maxine

  18. Rosemary Comerford 4 years ago

    A lovely Painting workshop Anna. Thank you

  19. Kim 4 years ago

    Amazing detail work. Thank you so much for sharing your process and talent. I have been gathering supplies to take your class for the pear. I am waiting on the arrival of a brush set since all I have are much larger watercolor brushes.

  20. Vandana Jain 4 years ago

    It is beautiful! Inspired by you I also tried the same yesterday!

  21. Lynn 4 years ago

    Stunning as always Anna! You do a wonderful job of explaining to”how to and why’s”

  22. Linda S Leavitt 4 years ago

    Every time I watch one of these video clips it inspires me to paint-Thank you!

  23. ROSE GESFORD 4 years ago

    THANKS for sharing. Love tulips, my favorite. You are so helpful…wonderful painting. I will share your youtubes. I would like to know the colors you used.

  24. Tosha 4 years ago

    So beautiful ! Thank you !

  25. Rebecca 4 years ago

    Hi Anna
    Loved the video. You’ll be pleased to hear after reading your emails and watching your videos for over a year – I have at last managed to pick up my paints.
    I am very excited although early stages doing colours and brush strokes.

    I am going to try the tulip as I live flowers.
    May I ask how do you take the photo of the flower? Do you separate the single stem and take the photo against a white background? What is the best way.

    Thanks again for sharing your amazing talent

  26. Rae Febriantih 4 years ago

    I hope you’ll have offline classical course….

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