I’ve made some changes to the equipment I use!

Specifically my palette, and some of the paints I use.

They’re fairly minor and I do NOT expect you to change your own if they’re working for you.  

But I wanted to explain my changes to you here:

You can download the PDF showing the equipment I recommend here.

Happy painting!

  1. Betty Stephens 5 years ago

    I want to use the old pallet that you were using, do I look for the 24 half pan or 24 full pan?

    • Author
      Anna Mason 5 years ago

      Hi Betty, the one I used was half pans- a half pan of paint will last you a long time.

    • Celes 5 years ago

      What’s the brand of the old paint box that you use ? I would like to buy the box and fill the pans in myself

      • Author
        Anna Mason 5 years ago

        I bought it as part of a Winsor and Newton set but I have seen it sold separately, I’m afraid I don’t know the manufacturer though

  2. Deborah Horrocks 5 years ago

    I just bought the same box as part of a Winsor and Newton set, whilst I was in London (UK) in Cornelissen & Son It was on special and an excellent price.

  3. Steven Ramirez 5 years ago

    Now that you use a porcelain plate do you only put out the paints you need for your painting sessions or do you leave all your colors on the plate as a permanent palatte?

  4. Kevin 5 years ago

    Hi there, can Winsor Violet be used instead of PV55. Seems that quin violet was a limited edition W&N colour and no longer available.

    Many thanks

  5. Heather White 3 years ago

    W&N have now made it part of their perm range.

    • Author
      Anna Mason 3 years ago

      Oh yes I saw this! Was very pleased. Thanks for reminding me to update this post.

  6. Kay 2 years ago

    I prefer the tube pain by Windsor Newton as I am learning to paint. My question is do you leave dabs of paint on the pallet and reconstitute? I live where the AC is on most all the time but not a dry climate…my paint drys our with in a few minutes and I’m adding water to rehydrate..

    Or, you you only place what the painting requires and clean off?

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