While the gorgeous peony flowers could be considered the star of the show in this painting, the bowl itself is a key feature of the composition and poses it’s own challenges for painting in watercolour.

How do you paint the blue pattern whilst still getting a 3D curved effect to the bowl?

Well in this little tip video I thought I’d walk you through the process:

A pretty bowl like this is a really satisfying thing to paint so I hope you’re able to make some time to have a go at it this weekend.

And of course, if you do, don’t forget to show me your painting by posting it via social media using #AnnaMasonArt.



P.S. I’ve received so many requests for a tutorial on this painting that I’ve gone ahead and created one as a bonus, in addition to the new tutorial I release every month! It’s available now in my online School.

  1. Julia 6 years ago

    Thank you for this, I think it’s far too difficult for me with peonies as well!!! I think I can just about manage the bowl!! However I don’t seem to be able to work the video any ideas?!

  2. Marilyn 6 years ago

    I thought you did a wonderful video and it came through for me perfectly. I certainly will be trying to paint it myself, thank you Anna

  3. Marie 6 years ago

    Thank you for sharing! Your painting is so beautiful & delicate! I would love you to paint some flowers in a gold vase & give us hints on how to make it look like metal.

  4. Jane 6 years ago

    Fabulous process tip. Thanks Anna

  5. Judy 6 years ago

    Thank you, Ana for all your wonderful painting tutorials and tips.

  6. Sunnygal 6 years ago

    I was thrilled to see flowers in a bowl and will definitely be trying this one. I have many pieces of blue and while pottery around my house so I’m hoping I can make my painting pleasing enough to frame. Here’s hoping……..

  7. Loraine 6 years ago

    Excellent step by step instructions Anna. If I keep watching over and over it may just sink in. Beautiful.
    Thanks for making this little video.

  8. Carole 6 years ago

    Hi Anna … this is a gorgeous piece. Love the color combinations and shapes. The peonies smell great!

  9. Karin anna søgaard 4 years ago


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