This cute little harvest mouse is SO sweet, hanging out in some grasses (OUTSIDE where he belongs) that I just had to paint him.

In this tip video I specifically wanted to show you how I went about painting the defined hairiness of the mouse fur, without losing the form of his body as a whole.  

Potentially tricky in watercolour!

I hope this encourages you to take on the challenge of a furry subject!

If you do, don’t forget to show me by posting via social media using #AnnaMasonArt.



  1. Rocio Valle 6 years ago

    I liked this tutorial, thanks for sharing!

  2. Brenda Smyth 6 years ago

    You are so frigging amazing

  3. Elaine 6 years ago

    Love your work!

  4. Beverly Parkison 6 years ago

    How could you not love this mouse? beautifully real looking.

  5. Beverly moolman 6 years ago

    Oh How lovely! Thanks for sharing !

  6. novani 6 years ago

    Anna, I always love your paintings…but this one is totally adorable!
    You are a great painter! Thank you for sharing..

  7. [email protected] 6 years ago

    thank you for a truly inspirational tutorial. I had ‘painters block” now I’m off and away again.

  8. Carole Jurack 6 years ago

    Thank you for this tip video. The mouse is adorable and so life-like amid those green grasses. Will give this technique a go on a bunny rabbit!

  9. Elizabeth Pantoja 6 years ago

    I love you work, thanks for sharing!. Regards

  10. Yvonne 6 years ago


  11. sarina 6 years ago

    excellent. thanks. you’re a very thoughtful teacher.

  12. Farrukh Sheikh 6 years ago

    You always give painting tips in a very simplified way. Amazing to see magic of your each brush stroke. Thanks for polishing my inner artist with your lessons.

  13. Mary 6 years ago

    Anna you are truly an inspiration love your work

  14. Jennifer 6 years ago

    SO CUTE!!!! I love painting animals and critters. I love this video! Thank you!

  15. Jean 6 years ago

    Thank you for the tip video. Inspired by your video, I did a little practice of a puppy this weekend and decided to practice more paintings of animals. Thank you!

  16. Sandra Powers 6 years ago

    Anna, This is my first time to watch any of your tutorials. I have to tell you, it was absolutely amazing! My experience with watercolor is still in the beginner stage, but I aspire to keep learning and practicing, more! I am currently enrolled in an in-person watercolor class. My teacher’s technique is very different from yours, but she is very good! This is the first watercolor class I have ever taken. My former painting experience has been mostly in acrylics, with some oil painting in the past. I also have become quite interested in art journaling, which is interesting and fun! You get to interact with other like-minded artists from all over the world…….how state-of-the-art, we have all become!!!
    I haven’t enrolled in your classes yet, but definitely am going to keep this on my list! I seem to love all of everything ! Just before stretching myself a little on the thin side!
    Have a wonderful day or evening, depending on where you are, at the moment!

  17. Vivienne 5 years ago

    OK – I am inspired now! First I spent the whole day painting a pear (led on by your free tutorial) – it took me nearly 9 hours, but the result was worth the effort. Then I watched your video on painting a hand, and now I see the field mouse. I think I will have to sign up for the school…

    • Author
      Anna Mason 5 years ago

      So pleased you’re feeling fired up Vivienne!

  18. Nicoline Mann 5 years ago

    Hi Anna! I adore this painting and so many of your others! Do you use a light box to transfer the photo image to your watercolour paper in order to paint it?

  19. Katie Kirk 4 years ago

    Hi Anna, just wondering what size brush you used for this mouse? As a beginner, I am wanting to go buy my first fine brushes, and I want to make sure I have the right brush to paint this in the future! Thanks for your amazing work!

  20. Suzanne Elias-Jones 3 years ago

    So impressed, it was wonderful to watch but, unfortunately, I couldn’t benefit from your advice as there are no subtitles and I’m profoundly deaf. Bit frustrating really but loved the finished mouse.

    • Amy Adams (Team Anna) 3 years ago

      Hi Suzanne, thanks for your feedback. The video does have subtitles if you click where it says ‘CC’ at the bottom of the video screen. I’ve just double-checked that they’re working and they are, so maybe you could try again.

  21. Susan Fox 2 years ago

    I love this little guy so much. I am not talented enough to paint this little guy but would love to purchase one of your pictures of this one if it’s available. Thank you.

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