In this tip video I wanted to show you how I went about tackling a painting of one of the more complex flowers in the garden – the Agapanthus.

They are certainly daunting. And not only do you want to get their structure looking right – but you want each individual bloom, as well as the whole itself to have a 3D quality.

Here I show you how I approach it:

So why not grab your sketchbook and try out some of these techniques!

Happy painting,



  1. Pennie Glasser 6 years ago

    You are amazing! I would love to be able to paint like you. I am just starting out.

  2. Jamie 6 years ago

    For me the thing is drawing the flower in the first place. Purchased a light box but not for me,..
    Love your beautifully detailed paintings.

  3. Alice Ball 6 years ago

    Thank you for teaching

  4. bruna rossi 6 years ago

    I am fighting with an agapanthus since 2 months: i begin to hate him….

  5. hilda barone 6 years ago

    Absolutely beautiful. Thank you.

  6. Diane 6 years ago

    It would be good to have you comments outside the picture. Trying to watch the video with you doing the work under the writing…is impossible. But loved it …

  7. Chandra 6 years ago

    Thank you for the details regarding sequence of colours you have applied. The 3D effect makes you think that you actually viewing the real Agapanthus. Very tricky!

  8. maria eugenia melgar 6 years ago


  9. Jeanne duncan 3 years ago

    Pls tell me how do I get that exact purple/blue colour of The agapanthus. I’m new to painting thanks so much

    • Amy Adams (Team Anna) 3 years ago

      Hi Jeanne, the colours used in the Agapanthus painting are Burnt Sienna, Cobalt Violet, French Ultramarine, Olive Green, Payne’s Gray and Permanent Sap Green. We don’t have mix ratios, but in the full length video tutorial in the online School you can see all of the different colour mixes that Anna creates to build up the colours of the petals. I hope this helps.

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