Shells are a great symbol of summer on the beach. And, with their 3D form, painting shells is also a whole lot of fun.

I painted this scallop shell using just one mix, layering up slowly so I got the tonal balance just right.

This video shows you how, if you keep your watercolour mixes watery, you can gradually layer up without worrying about taking your painting too dark and losing subtlety.

Have you worried about taking your watercolour too dark before? And have you been inspired by beach discoveries? I’d love to hear your stories so please leave me a comment.

  1. Carole 4 years ago

    So inspiring! I love the shells with subtle touches of light light salmon and pink.

  2. Sonia Tuttle 4 years ago

    Thanks, very informative.

  3. creatingincolors 4 years ago

    I love how you simplify the process and show the way to successful painting, step by step. Great video.

  4. Jan Beasley 4 years ago

    You’re Amazing Artist Anna, Thank you for all your wonderful videos

  5. Viviane 4 years ago

    Thank you for teaching us. You’re such a kind person for doing it.

  6. Peter Thompson 4 years ago

    Thanks Anna, glad to hear you and the family are heading for the beach to escape from your UK heatwave. (Back in Brisbane we are in the depths of our sub-tropical winter – Daytime a sunny 23 degrees Celsius! with a freezing 8-14 degrees at night)

    As I have recently had my 82nd birthday, I have chosen to add a little variety to life before I drop off the twig – a mix of landscape painting and writing my third novel (eBook), – a cyber crime series based on the exploits of an ex-commando computer geek in the dark worlds of drug and people trafficking and money laundering in the antipodes. Any spare time is consumed with attacking the list my dear wife has compiled.I intend to rejoin your excellent tutorials again later in the year. (if I get halfway through the list!).

    Cheers from Oz


    • Author
      Anna Mason 4 years ago

      Good for you Peter – your creative endeavours sound great.

    • Roy 4 years ago

      Hi Peter The book sounds exciting its the sort of storeys i love to read and would be interested to read it when you finish it , Good luck with the wife’s list


  7. Raj Bharadia 4 years ago

    Very beautiful Anna, your videos always inspire me and I see magic in your watercolours.
    Thank you very much for such a wonderful experience!
    Best always!

  8. Yvette Robinson-Sarasola 4 years ago

    Thanks Ann I will try this on the weekend. Great tutorial.

  9. Linda 4 years ago

    This was very helpful! Thank you, Ann!

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