White flowers can be a challenge in watercolour.

They need some shading to them to give them shape and form.

But if we shade them TOO much, we won’t be able to lighten them again and they’ll appear grey.

Not what we want!

In this little tip video I wanted to give you some hints and pointers for tackling white flowers – with this seasonal little snowdrop.

And snowdrops are a symbol of hope that reminds us that spring won’t be too far off.

Let me know if you’ve spotted any yet, and whether white flowers are something you’ve struggled with before in the comments.

Happy painting


  1. Anne Eskell 8 years ago

    Thank you for the White snow drop. As I joined only a few days ago I had a drawing of a white flower I wanted to paint. I used your technique but what played on my mind as I worked were your words ‘ we don’t want grey flowers’ so I was very ‘mean’ with my use of that first paynes grey wash. I think it paid off

  2. Ximena Covarrubias 8 years ago

    thank you! it’s lovely!

  3. lisa 8 years ago

    I started mine last night. Looking forward to seeing how it comes out. Thanks

  4. Jacquie Obee McDowell 8 years ago

    The little video for the snowdrop came at just the right time I am doing those in my botanical art group as one of my projects, many thanks.

  5. Gail van Rooyen 7 years ago

    I want to join this online ‘class’ Anna, but am away from home until July 15th. Adore snow drops, have them in my garden in Melbourne Australia, & desperately want to try to paint them!! So how can I do this????

    • Anna Mason 7 years ago

      The Snowdrop tutorial (and all the others) are always available through my online School – so you can sign up whenever you can Gail!

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