Sometimes when you paint something yummy, like this peach, the branch it hangs from can often be overlooked.

It’s the same when painting blossom.

But if you get it wrong, a badly executed branch can really detract from your otherwise-loved painting.

So in this video I wanted to show you how I painted this particular branch in lots of detail.

The branch is from this peach painting which I painted from my latest Craftsy class!

I hope it helps you get ALL of your painting looking good!

Happy painting,



  1. June Covey 7 years ago

    Thank you Anna – this is very useful – branches and twigs are so important and an area that I sometimes struggle with. The fruit looks very fluffy. Will look at craftsy site

  2. Cecil 7 years ago

    How long did it take for you to finish this piece?

  3. Very informative, as always. I enjoy adding branches and twigs but do struggle with them. I have thoroughly enjoyed your advice about painting lightest tones then darkest tones, an invaluable tip that has helped balance my paintings immensely. Thank you!

  4. Lainie Hadlow 7 years ago

    Thank you Anna, this is very helpful. I always struggle with getting the right balance of tones in my branches and stems, so hopefully I can follow your tips and struggle no more.

  5. Anne 7 years ago

    Thank you! Can’t wait to paint the peach.

  6. Jill Bernard 7 years ago

    I really enjoyed that. I liked all the mixes of paints. Very good tips. Thank you Anna.

  7. Layne 7 years ago

    Thank you Anna ,I. Do tend to be a bit lazy with branches and twigs I have just finished a blue ti sitting on a branch and I shall now re do it .

  8. Stephanie Fenske 7 years ago

    Thanks For sharing Anna,
    Nice tip

  9. Mary Barnett 7 years ago

    Thank you Anna for covering this as I have always struggled with making a branch look realistic.

  10. Joy Nash 7 years ago

    Thanks Anna very useful info for branches. As a beginner it can be daunting to know what colours to mix for the look you need it has to look realistic so I need all help I can get thanks
    Once again.

  11. Aneta 7 years ago

    Hello Anna, can you please tell me what kind of paint do you use? I really don’t know. 😀

  12. Richa 7 years ago

    Thanks Anna . Helpful tip as always. BTW peach is absolutely amazing

  13. RB 7 years ago

    I can feel the fuzziness of that peach. It looks incredible.

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