Have you ever tried to paint a watercolor dog?


If you love painting and you have pets, you’ve probably felt inspired to create pet paintings of your furry companion. 


But painting pet portraits comes with a LOT of pressure to capture a true likeness that does justice to the beauty and personality of your beloved pet. 


In this mini-class, I show you how I created a larger-than-life French Bulldog painting in realistic watercolour.


Pets with black or white fur can give an added painting challenge, so I’ve chosen a black-and-white subject for this dog portrait to show you how to paint black fur AND how to paint white fur using watercolour.

I also share in detail my technique for painting the all-important eyes in this watercolour French Bulldog, which can make all the difference to capturing a likeness and bringing life to a painting.

I hope this mini-class has given you the confidence and inspiration to create your own watercolour dog portrait using my techniques.


The Frenchie in my dog painting had short fur, so I used short brushstrokes. If the animal you want to paint has longer fur, the techniques I’ve shown you here can be easily adapted by using longer brushstrokes. 


And of course, the method I’ve shown you here doesn’t only apply to dog artwork. You can apply it to painting cats, horses, rabbits and other furry mammals too. 


For smaller mammals, check out my method for painting a hamster. And of course, let’s not forget the goldfish!

If you decide to apply these techniques to your own watercolor dog or other pet portrait, I’d love to hear how you get on, so let me know how it goes in the comments below. And do also drop me a message if you enjoyed the video. I love reading them!


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